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 Learn RuneScape Blood, Vanilla, Chocolate Cow and More Empty Learn RuneScape Blood, Vanilla, Chocolate Cow and More

on Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:43 am
Have you seen RuneScape Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolates cows in-game? It’s stated they are the teasers for Gamer Owned Farm. Along with this, there are several other game updates published, like the Desert Amulet some change. (cheap runescape gold farm)

What are RuneScape Strawberry, Vanilla along with Chocolate Cows?

In addition to the sport updates on August 36, the Strawberry, Vanilla, along with Chocolate cows have taken host to the regular cows in some places about Gielinor, which are supposed to be the teaser for Player Possessed Farm.

According to some players’ confirmation, right now you can find these types of new cows in Taverly and Lumbridge Cow Areas. And based on the previous disclose about Player Owned Village, we learn that the brand-new cows along with the upcoming Bright cows require Farming levels 35 and should be held in the large pens. Apart from, they can be obtained from the new Praise shop and produce dairy in the future.

What about the game up-dates this week?(https://www.rs4uk.com/)

This week, there are various up-dates implemented in-game, and some with the highlights you may expect are:
- There is a new ability added onto the Desert Amulet 5, teleporting you to the Wrecks of Uzer.
2 . Inside the Grouping System Burthorpe Online games Room, Giant Mole, Full Black Dragon and Damage Elemental have been listed since F2P.
3. You can use often the digsite pendant to teleport to the Exam Centre, south of the dig site.
5. You will not see Zimberfizz' chathead after completing Soul Wars activity if you have finished Nomad's Keen.
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