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Return of the Pack Empty Return of the Pack

on Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:05 am
Bounce into Treasure Hunter down the road to receive a FREE freshly finished skilling backpack, now with fresh functions and ready to soup improve Double XP Weekend profits!(07 Runescape Gold buy)

From 00: 00 online game time on the 23rd July through to 23: 59 for the 28th August, open up Gem Hunter to receive the new skilling backpack for free. Note that this would replace your current skilling book bag if you already have one. Wear your personal backpack while training, and also chances at finding haphazard drops of skilling products, ready to combine with the twice xp weekend (coming in 31st August)! Find things like prismatic stars and table lamps, notepaper and pulse induration, as well new additions regarding Protean items and skilling dummies, and more!

Each thing drop will also activate any 10% xp boost regarding 10 minutes, which stacks with all the double xp weekend, and may use up a charge out of your backpack. Win more battery power for charges through Value Hunter until Monday twenty third.

If you know what prizes you need to get from your new backpack it is possible to attune the pack so you drive more of what you’re trying to find, excluding the drops youre not interested in. Right-click the particular backpack to start!

This time, we possess also guaranteed prizes connected with backpack charges on Gem Hunter. At 2, 5 various, 15 and 30 keys used you might win an additional bundle connected with backpack charges on top of your usual key prize. That’s together with any you win commonly!

The skilling backpack is the best tool for getting ready for Increase XP weekend, so start with it quick!

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